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“Legacy is like identity, a generous act of loving, sharing and belonging.

It embodies the confident presence of strong and resilient women whose journeys are fraught with challenges, successes and achievements, underpinned by authenticity, a drive to stand out and make their mark on the world.

They are a manifest for originality, creativity and inspiration, brought to life through unique fine jewelry.

Their stories are Mirath. “
- Soha Hamdan

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the Mirath woman sees her jewelry as an extension of herself
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A family Affair

Soha Abou Alwan and her daughter, Nadine hamdan, provide a personalized experience at Maison Mirath and an increasingly extensive expertise in Gemology and Jewelry design while collaborating with talented craftsmen worldwide.

A complementary contrast in their design approaches presents a unique appeal in crafted jewelry pieces that merge classical with contemporary, and originality with style; the timeless fine jewelry of today & tomorrow.


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