Why Breast Cancer Awareness is Important

Why Breast Cancer Awareness is Important

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organizations, unions and individuals with the objective to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness, education, and research.

With roughly one in eight women developing breast cancer in their lifetime, women all around the world are becoming more and more resilient and supportive of each other with every passing moment. Whether it’s a personal diagnosis or that of a loved one, finding answers to your questions and having a supportive community of people who understand the experience can make all the difference. The more we speak about it, the more we become aware of the situation, so in that way we create a support system for them. Detecting breast cancer early and doing yearly checks are the most important strategies you can do and it means there is a very good chance of survival.

Together We Are Stronger
As sure as the night will fall after the day, so too will difficult times befall us all. We all go through periods of our lives which are more difficult than others but how we get up is the most crucial part. Breast cancer survivors go through unimaginable times but they end up rising like a phoenix from its ashes. How they rise is a whole other story. Seeing women uplift each other and finding the strength within the depths of their hearts and souls to continue fighting is a beautiful thing to witness.

Maison Mirath has an inspiring project in collaboration with them to remind us that all we really need is to be hopeful about the future and to have a positive outlook on life. The strong women and breast cancer survivors who were kind enough to share the message of strength and hope through their journey were: Vilma Haddad, Laila Ajam, Rima Farhat, Mirna Hoballah, Nathalie Boueri.

Leaning on Others
Having support from others is a really important aspect. Someone having your back during difficult times can make you more confident in yourself and it’ll give you the strength to move forward. That is why survivors welcome the comfort and support of family members, friends and significant others. Some people don’t talk or like to talk but let us phrase it as having people around who are supportive and positive is crucial. They exercise incredible vulnerability in allowing others to witness their struggle. They are open to receiving enormous love and allow others to give to them, emotionally, spiritually and materially, in their time of need.

Finding Strength From Within

The true beauty of a woman comes from her inner strength, resilience and driving force. But finding strength from within yourself is not always easy. Breast cancer survivors are so incredibly brave when hard times strike.

Knowing your own strengths enforces the decision to continue battling in this fight. Having coping strategies and rituals of self-care and inner strength that they practice in order to nurture their own needs as they go through their painful experiences is also one of the most important aspects when going through something like this.

Holding Onto Hope

Life is always going to bring us challenges. Life is always going to be comprised of setbacks that might pull us down. Is it okay not to have hope? Absolutely not. Because without hope, what are we left with? Hope is significant. It is a beautiful part of what it means to be human.

Survivors of breast cancer ultimately hold onto that hope and hold onto those positive thoughts. Without that, they’ll have nothing to look forward to and life wouldn’t be exciting. So, holding onto that spark of joy and hope is an important message all survivors try to share with others.

Final Notes

It takes strength, courage, and wisdom to conquer such difficult times. Breast cancer survivors exercise great maturity when struggles arise. At the core of their actions is self-love which is the ability to see themselves and their own pain as important & worthy of tenderness, care, and compassion as well as having a support system behind them.

It’s time to be part of the movement, embrace hope and stand up to honor, connect and accelerate change. We can do our part of raising breast cancer awareness through our jewelry. Maison Mirath will be donating 10% for every online purchase to the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation in the month of October, as a symbol of support and appreciation to the vigorous fighters and uplifted spirits.