Watch Out For These Amazing Everyday Wearable Gold Jewelry Pieces

Watch Out For These Amazing Everyday Wearable Gold Jewelry Pieces

Despite any trends or new inventions, gold jewelry pieces always find a place in your jewelry box as well as your heart. Have you ever wondered why?

It is because of the beauty, timelessness and agelessness associated with gold. From a charming jewelry piece to an investment favorite, gold is desirable by all.

So, we are bringing you in this blog article the best of the gold pieces of jewelry which will complement your style distinctively.


  • Harmony Rings

The Harmony Gold Rings are part of Maison Mirath’s signature stackable design. They are stackable rings with 18kt yellow, white, or rose gold that you can wear and stack in infinite possibilities.

Harmony Ring

  • Hexagone Ring (gold and diamond)

Hexagone Ring is designed as a golden hexagon with a brilliant 0.04-carat diamond set in one of the corners of hexagon. The ring is available in with different precious stones such as ruby. It is a stylish everyday jewelry ring that fits your everyday style.

Hexagone Ring (Diamond)

  • Harmony Flower Ring (gold)

Derived from the signature Harmony design of Maison Mirath, the Harmony Flower is a simply elegant yellow gold ring for the woman who embraces her femininity in her every-day style.

Harmony Flower Ring

  • Shrimp Leaf Ring

The Shrimp Leaf Ring is an everyday gold ring yet truly unique in its style, detail, and design. This ring truly brings to life the curves of a real-life shrimp leaf. A great inspiration from nature.


  • Harmony Chain Earrings (gold)

Harmony Chain Earrings is an 18k yellow gold pair of earrings that is light and everyday wearable. It drops from your earlobe with a refined 18kt Italian yellow gold chain.

 Harmony Chain Earrings (Gold)

  • Anchor golden earrings (small)

Anchor golden earrings are everyday 18kt yellow gold studs that you can wear to style with your everyday outfits. They are also available in a much bigger size turning into a statement jewelry piece for more special occasion. You could also mix and match to wear one of each pair.

Anchor golden earrings


  • Inclusivity Pendant

Inclusivity Pendant is an example where simplicity marries elegance. A round brilliant cut diamond centred and crowned by a yellow gold band putting in value the stone.

Inclusivity Pendant

  • Hexagone Pendant

Same as the ring, the Hexagone pendant is made with 18k yellow gold drawing the geometrical shape of the hexagon. A touch of sparkle with the diamond or ruby stone gives additional lustre to this everyday jewelry piece.

Hexagone Pendant

  • Harmony Pendant

From the Maison Mirath stackable jewelry design, the Harmon Pendant marries three layers of 18kt yellow, white and rose gold giving it a unique combination of colour and lustre. You can stack up your Harmony Pendants endlessly and with infinite possibilities.

Harmony Pendant


  • Harmony Bangle

The signature Harmony Collection of Maison Mirath is endless with possibilities, combinations and pieces from rings to pendants to bracelets. Discover the Harmony Gold Bangles that are stackable layers of yellow, white, and rose gold.

Harmony Bangle

  • Lightening Bracelet

The lightning bracelet is made of yellow gold. The bracelet is designed in the shape of the lightning of thunder reminding us of the wonders of nature. The bracelet doesn’t have its sound but would surely add a thunder effect to the personality of one who’s wearing it.

How do you like the above jewelry pieces?

These are just a few jewelry items available at Maison Mirath. We have more items from everyday jewelry to statement jewelry pieces with many unique and timeless designs

Lightening Bracelet