Unique and statement pieces are at the core of Maison Mirath

Unique and statement pieces are at the core of Maison Mirath

What is “Mirath”? It is the actual Arabic word that means legacy.

Jewelry is like a legacy. It is a unique piece that holds an emotional value and is something to be passed on from mother to daughter to granddaughter.

At Maison Mirath, these statement and unique jewelry pieces are at the heart of the brand. Discover some of these one-of-a-kind pieces:


  • Legend of Douma

The Douma Ring is a masterpiece inspired by the patrimonial windows of the Lebanese village Douma with a 22.00-carat aquamarine surrounded with brilliant diamonds.

  • Royal Panther

The Royal Panther – is a majestic ring designed in 18k yellow gold and set with a 10.56 carat cabochon ruby crowned with Fancy yellow diamond and black diamond. A bold and exquisite piece of jewelry.


  • Kyanite Ring

This ring is a fusion of classical timeless and eclectic modern, inspired by the cushion-shaped Kyanite stone. The Kyanite is of a deep blue color, and is highlighted by the oval-shaped diamonds and fancy pink sapphire stones. 


  • Turquoise Ruby Ring

A true piece of art created by an exquisite combination of stones and colors.

The cabochon Turquoise is a natural stone that includes fine golden threads. It is elevated by a crown of diamonds and two cabochon ruby stones on the side.

  • Blue Eagle Ring

Another royal and majestic ring, the Blue Eagle carries a crown of diamonds and blue Sapphire, crafted like the bird’s feathers. The blue sapphire is a cabochon of 14.00 carats.


  • Stardust Earrings

Stardust Earrings are one-of-a-kind pieces that are inspired by the design of Antique Royal Jewels. Once you wear it, people can’t take their eyes off this exquisitely shimmering piece.



  • Anchor Earrings

The Anchor Earrings are made as a statement piece for women who invest in ‘wearable fine art’. A beautiful combination of colors with black diamond, fiery tsavorite, and two exquisite marquise-shaped emeralds.



  • Coquillages Earrings

The Coquillages Earrings are statement earrings designed with 18k yellow gold and fancy colored sapphire. The beauty of this pair goes beyond what you see directly; the back of the earrings is intricately designed like a dentelle texture, and the earrings may be flipped and worn on both their colorfulor dentelle side.



  • Ball Gown Earrings

Ball Gown earrings, as the name indicates, are like a princess that stands in all her elegance and grace. Designed asymmetrically to bring out a modern twist with 13.00 carats of diamond and black diamonds.




  • Fleur de Lys

The Fleur de Lys Diamond Pendant is a symbol of royalty in many countries. Maison Mirath has created this masterpiece of diamond to adorn the neck of the lady wearing it boldly yet elegantly.



  • Flower of the Sun

Manifesting the simplicity of nature in the form of jewelry, this piece is simply a must-have in your collection. A breath-taking combination of diamond and fancy yellow diamond.



  • Revived Heart Pendant

The heart-shaped pendant is inspired by a frosted leaf, encrusted with diamond and tsavorite stones. A must-have one of a kind piece.




  • Flying Diamond Necklace

Love of all women – A diamond necklace. The Flying Diamond Necklace combines femininity and originality. A delicate piece that shines through with diamonds set in a unique way.



  • Epis de Fleur

The Epis de Fleur is a diamond necklace that awes. Inspired by flower spikes fully encrusted with brilliant diamonds to make you stand out in the crowd.




  • 3D Bangle

The most unique bracelet you get. The 3D Bangle is a piece of fine art to wear around your wrist.



  • Aurora Borealis Bracelet

The exquisite Aurora Borealis tennis bracelet is set with 17.84 carat of princess-cut fancy colored sapphire between two rows of brilliant diamonds. A piece very intricately set and with a very refined craftsmanship.



  • Raindrop Bangle

Nature in jewelry; one of the biggest sources of inspiration. The Raindrop bangle is inspired by the morning due with droplets of diamonds on the white golden leaves with three pear-shaped sapphires in the colors of the morning.



Each piece is different, yet they all have the same refinement in design and craftsmanship. Choose the piece that complements your personality and that will be part of your legacy.

Discover more on maisonmirath.com and feel free to contact the Maison directly for a private viewing of these pieces.