Timeless Jewelry for Every Occasion

Timeless Jewelry for Every Occasion

Jewelry as a concept serves solely for one purpose and that is to compliment the true essence of the woman wearing it. At Maison Mirath we know our distinct fine collections like the back of our hand. We are here to help you choose which piece pairs up well with how you feel at the given moment, the occasion it is intended for as well as the effect the jewelry is to achieve. As we believe jewelry is music, we have set out our guiding principles which allow us to always be in tune with the surroundings while hearing the beautiful notes of the timeless jewelry collections for every occasion.

All about finding that balance

Sophistication is a combination of balance, integrity and elegance. When it comes to combining different pieces of jewelry, we believe in two scenarios. The first is making a bold statement with that one show-stealing piece you just can’t help but stare at, usually for evening events and celebrations. The second is combining subtle pieces that pair up in a heavenly manner, to complement the beauty and appeal of the professionally dedicated ones, but also every single one of the Mirath Women who choose timeless classical as their unique expression of taste.

Our notion is that no matter the outfit you are having in mind, and the occasion you are to attend, it is of key importance to not overdo it with your jewelry. If you choose to wear a stack of bracelets on your arm, do not overburden the hand with a few more rings. Similarly, if you choose a piece like our Anchor Earrings, we advise you to not combine it with a necklace since they will pull the focus from each other. What you want is to create a center of attention with the jewelry you choose to wear, and again, moderation can go a long way.

Dress to impress and express

At Maison Mirath, we believe that a woman should dress to impress, but also express herself.

Our pieces are carefully crafted for those who perceive wearing them as a statement of style and taste. In order to impress and express, try to always learn what type of occasion you’re going to, and the kind of crowd that will also be present.

Remember, always choose pieces that you feel will put you in a flattering light and will not draw the attention away from the moment itself.

The striking harmony of contrast

When making your jewelry noticeable, choosing pieces that harmonize with your apparel is an excellent approach. Nevertheless, picking pieces that make a strong contrast with your apparel can be a bold move that will show your assertiveness and fearless individuality. When wearing clothes with earth tones and clean lines, select jewelry that will stand out. However, if your apparel is more lively, embrace the subtle pieces of fine jewelry.

Maison Mirath has a harmony of contrast as a brand in itself. With Soha and Nadine Hamdan as designers, the contrast in their design approaches presents a unique appeal in crafted jewelry pieces that merge classical with contemporary, and originality with style. It blends together flawlessly to give birth to timeless fine jewelry of today and tomorrow.

Talk of the town

Every astonishing piece of jewelry very often serves as a great conversation starter. Which is the brand you got it from, who designed it, does it hold a special meaning to you. Your jewelry tells the story of you, who you are, who you used to be and who you shape into. Ask yourself what story the earrings, rings or bracelets tell about you. Jewelry gives you a special type of voice you can tune-up or down to express your individuality. At social occasions, choose the conversation-starting and loud statement-making pieces. “Quieter” pieces, like the bigger part of pieces from our Harmony collection, are ideal for work and other professional situations.

Wear it with confidence

A Maison Mirath woman has the strong spirit and allure to carry herself and anything she wears with confidence. Her presence is enough to awake the respect and admiration of the surroundings. She chooses her style and tone carefully, and lives by her choices to the fullest.

She presents her pieces like they are the best possible choice, like she owns the room while wearing with their delicate shine and their classical, but eclectic notes.

She is unapologetic in her individuality, fearless in her principles, unique in her tastes and sentiments, and sees her fine jewelry as an extension of herself.