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creating a new modern legacy

the essence

Maison Mirath embodies the spirit of strong women realizing their dreams through their families, their work and their communities. They are at the image of our own unique fusion of timeless classical, eclectic modern fine jewelry collections and refined craftsmanship. Unapologetic in her individuality, strong in her convictions, unique in her tastes and bold in her choices, the Maison Mirath woman sees her fine jewelry as an extension of herself.

the meaning

Mirath is the Arabic word for legacy. “A modern legacy doesn’t have to date back 30 + years… It can be new, classical or modern with a timeless appeal embedded into it. Yes, jewelry is an object. But we attach sentimental value to beauty especially when it enhances how we present ourselves to the world and when it ties to special moments. In that sense, legacy renews itself”. – Soha Hamdan Maison Mirath is today a family brand where a new legacy is being created in the here and now.

the founder

Born in Barouk – Lebanon, Soha Abou Alwan Hamdan is a Lebanese-Canadian jeweler and mother of two who never let go of her dream.

A graduate with two masters’ degrees in Education and Literature, she had a fulfilling 20-year career as an educator while privately nurturing her passion for precious and gemstones.

In 2015, overcoming her apprehensions and challenges, Soha decided it was time to pursue her dream. She joined the ‘Institut de Gemologie’ in Paris and started her own jewelry brand ‘Sabulosity’. This was her rebirth.

Soha started her brand in the midst of Beirut, in the golden triangle of Ashrafieh, with a boutique that ties the Lebanese heritage with the modern touch, reflecting the essence of her pieces.

Her aim is to cater to a discerning clientele of luminary women whose stories and achievements inspire her, and who invest in ‘wearable fine art’ that reflect who they truly are.

the family

Nadine Hamdan soon followed in her mother’s footsteps; after launching her media career in the GCC, she found herself invested in the success story of her mother.

The two women provide a personalized experience at Maison Mirath and an increasingly extensive expertise in Gemology and Jewelry design while collaborating with talented craftsmen worldwide.

A complementary contrast in their design approaches presents a unique appeal in crafted jewelry pieces that merge classical with contemporary, and originality with style; the timeless fine jewelry of today & tomorrow.

Definitely a family affair, Soha and Nadine have the unwavering support of husband and father, geologist Dr. Walid Hamdan as well as son and brother, Rani Hamdan who strategically advise and manage the business operations.

the journey

In 2018, thanks to the resounding endorsement of clients and patrons alike, the brand has grown into ‘Maison Mirath’ representing the true essence of its founder’s journey and vision.

Today, Maison Mirath is a family-owned brand preserving its cultural roots while embodying an international outlook and aiming to expand regionally.

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