The Most Inspiring Jewelry Trends in 2021

The Most Inspiring Jewelry Trends in 2021

Jewelry trends are likely to change from year to year, keeping the same evergreen pieces, yet taking inspiration from fashion and editorial trends to always deliver something new, exciting, and fashionable.

New trends are sometimes created by revisiting and rejuvenating classical trends with a contemporary and modern twist. Some of the most inspiring and eye-catching jewelry trends of this year are pearls, statement earrings, metal chunks and chunky chains.

If you are looking for updates regarding jewelry style coming through towards Spring-Summer 2021, here is a rundown of some key jewelry trends that are likely to rule the next year and beyond.

Pearl Power:

Pearls have been, and will always be one of the staples in the jewelry box.

Good thing is that pearls can complement nearly all outfit combinations.

Whereas pearl jewelry might remind you of classy and sophisticated images of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, the modern way has been adapted to more casual wear. Not to mention the “experimental” trendsetters such as Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid wearing the classic gem in a street style. This means that pearl jewelry is no longer to be associated with your grandmother’s fine jewelry only. It is the elegance incorporated in a trendy and fashionable manner.

Talking about the pearl jewelry trends for 2021, a chunky pearl necklace has made a comeback. It can give your plain outfit a dynamic twist. However, it is likely to look good with a long summer dress, over a Abaya or a snug jersey. If you do not want to experiment with your pearl jewelry, wearing a simple pearl necklace will always remain in style and complement you in the most elegant and refined touch.

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Shoulder Earrings:

A pair of statement earrings can spruce up modest outfits and make up for your bad hair days. In other words, they are the focal point of your outfits. Whether you are fond of boho, girly, or eclectic mash-up style, there is always a statement earring style to choose from. Today, earrings have evolved to larger statement earrings that can even go beyond your shoulders.

Maison Mirath Anchor earrings are a testimony of that.

Metal Rush:

One of the main jewelry trends of 2021 are metal chunks; be it bangles or necklaces, a chunk of designed gold or silver to add around your wrist or neck is the absolute fashion. Designers are also innovating with the texture of these jewelry pieces; they are no longer made with flat surfaces but a more “rigid and crushed styles”.

These types of jewelry truly reflect the modern woman; she is tough and determined, creative and stylish, but she is also lustrous. She wants to stand out through her jewelry.

Chunky Chains:

Like pearls, chains have always been in style. In the Arab region especially, you would always have a chain necklace or bracelet in your grandmother’s jewelry box. They are the classic and timeless no matter the trends.

Today, chains are revisited to become chunkier and bigger as well as layered with several other chains or pendants.

We all know that a chunky necklace adds an appeal to your outfit without overdoing it, and it looks great on everyone. Whether you wear a plain t-shirt, layering, or a chic dress, a beautiful chain is your go-to accessory.

In fact, the combination of an oversized t-shirt or Abaya and layered chains has become a common trend in the past year.

So, these are some exciting jewelry trends for 2021. And here the perfect look from Maison Mirath incorporating all of these jewelry trends of 2021.

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