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Jewelry Design Trends: Celestial Jewelry

Jewelry Design Trends: Celestial Jewelry

One of the latest jewelry design trends of this year are celestial jewelry designs. They are being adopted by several jewelry brands such as Maison Mirath, Azza Fahmy, Chanel, and others, but each jeweler conceives it with their own approach and creative touch.

From crescents, to moons, to stars to entire galaxies; it is a universe of imagination and inspiration where infinite innovations are possible with a magical touch.

After all, who does not like a bit of magic?

What do they represent?

Timeless jewelry

The beauty of celestial jewelry lies in its mystery as well as its timelessness. Creating timeless jewelry pieces is at the core of Maison Mirath as we believe that jewelry should be passed on from generation to generation, it is part of our legacy. After all, “Mirath” is the Arabic term for “legacy”.

Wondrous jewelry

Also, celestial jewelry designs awake wonder, and whimsical dreams with the celestial figures brilliantly re-imagined with diamonds, opals, rubies and other beautiful and sparkling gemstones.

The Maison Mirath jewelry of the skies

Wearing inspirational jewelry has become a trademark of style, and here at Maison Mirath, we already love combining personal style and meaning to create a new modern legacy.

Our Starburst Collection is dedicated to all sky gazers and discrete romantics, and is created with a selection of earrings, bracelets and pendants of sparkling gemstones.

Shooting Star

Starting with the Shooting Star line, that was one of the first designs of our founder Soha Hamdan, who was inspired her first name of the meaning stars. Her first piece was conceived with a beautiful combination of colors; diamond (white), ruby (red), blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, and tsavorite (fiery green), and later developed into other color combinations.


From there, her mind wandered the skies to imagine the unique and beautiful Stardust pieces, that are truly whimsical and one of a kind jewelry pieces so delicately and intricately designed and crafted. Aurora Borealis

Another beautiful piece from our Starburst collection is the Aurora Borealis line, inspired by the breathtaking colors of the Northern lights. Fine jewelry pieces created with fancy colored sapphire stones cut in princess shape and surrounded by diamond stones only putting the sapphire's exquisite colors more in value.

Discover more of our Starburst Collection.

Final Notes

As our beautiful mysterious sky is being more cleared out these days with our worldwide lock-down, let us take this time to gaze at it and let our mind wander into its magical and whimsical secrets. Perhaps, you shall be inspired, and we can create together your own bespoke celestial jewelry piece.

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