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Legend of Douma

A Lebanese Legacy.

The Legend of Douma Ring is a masterpiece inspired by the patrimonial windows of the Lebanese village Douma with a 22.00-carat oval shaped aquamarine and E-color round brilliant diamond.  

Royal Panther

The Royal Panther is a majestic Ring as its name indicates. The design was created by Creative Director Soha Hamdan, to highlight the 10.56-carat oval cabochon Ruby. 

The exquisite Ruby is crowned with fancy yellow diamond and black diamond. 

Aura Ring

A ring that radiates the light of the sun. The Aura Ring brings together the beautiful energy of its exquisitely set gemstones and diamonds.

Aura Ring

The beauty of a flower in a bold yet unequivocally feminine ring, designed with a 17.03-carat Round Brilliant Amethyst. The flower spikes of this Aura Ring are set with Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine and Peridot gems. 

Kyanite Ring

A fusion of classical timeless and eclectic modern, inspired by the cushion-shaped Kyanite stone. 

The modern twist of this ring is highlighted with the fancy pink sapphire stones set in between the oval-shaped E-colored diamonds.

Turquoise Ruby Ring

Powerful Combination.⁠

The Turquoise Ruby ring is a piece of art created in 18k yellow gold with a turquoise stone with golden veins crowned by brilliant diamonds and ruby cabochon stones.⁠

Anchor Ring

A unique masterpiece. 

Originality and uniqueness of design are at the core of this exquisite ring, where fancy green diamonds embrace a uniquely-cut malachite stone. The opaque deep green of the malachite contrasts beautifully with the brilliant olive-green of the diamonds.

Anchor Ring

Unusual Contrast.

The Anchor Ring from Maison Mirath brings out an unusual and exquisite contrast of blue and fancy orange sapphire gemstones. Show your true & vibrant colors with this statement ring.

Blue Eagle Ring

Be majestic.

The Blue Eagle Ring is a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. Crafted to abstract the feathers of the eagle and crowned by a 14.00-ct oval cabochon  blue sapphire

Maple Leaf Ring

Diamond Ring

The Maple Leaf Ring by Maison Mirath was inspired by the Maison’s founder days in Canada back in the 90s. It is a ring that tells her story with her family. 

Flower Pearl Ring

A pearl at the heart of a flower. The Flower Pearl ring combines boldness with femininity, designed with a lustrous Japanese Pearl and brilliant diamonds.

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