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Stardust Pendant

Royal Jewels. 

One of the first jewelry pieces created by founder and creative director Soha Hamdan. A one-of-a-kind reinvented diamond pendant inspired by antique royal jewel sparkling with E-F color diamonds. 

Fleur de Lys

Royal Symbol.

The Fleur de Lys is a symbol of royalty that founder & Creative Director, Soha Hamdan, loves dearly. She hence created this statement and exquisite diamond pendant held with three 18k white gold chains. 

Anchor Sautoir

Bold in Colors. 

The Anchor Sautoir blends refinement of design and craftsmanship with boldness of color and piece of jewelry, for the woman who anchors her identity. 

This statement jewel is set with amethyst stones and yellow sapphire. 

Flower of the Sun

Abstracting the beauty of a flower into a statement piece of sparkling stones. 

The Flower of the Sun Pendant reflects its name with an exquisite 0.34-carat diamond stone in the center surrounded by flower leaves in fancy yellow and white diamonds.  

Ashes of the Phoenix Pendant

Resilience in a Necklace.

The Ashes of the Phoenix Pendant was designed with the resilient and strong woman in mind. She reinvents herself from the ashes, she faces her fears, and moves forward. 

This exquisite and unique pendant is distinguished in the mother of pearl at its heart and its diamond and black diamond setting. 

Revived Heart Pendant

A re-imagined heart inspired by the frosted leaves.

The Revived Heart Pendant is set with brilliant diamonds and fiery tsavorite stones.

Octopus Pendant

The unusual and beautiful baroque pearl inspired the design of this pendant. 

Flowing Heart Pendant

Where nature is a great source of inspiration. 

The Flowing Heart pendant abstracts the beauty of the Bleeding Love flower to create a unique ruby and diamond pendant. 

Blooming Seed Pendant

A pendant that tells the story of a plant as it grows and blooms. 

The Blooming Seed is a one-of-a-kind diamond pendant designed by Maison Mirath. 

Triple Heart Pendant

Part of our stackable signature design, the Harmony collection is in constant motion, re-imagined in an ever growing fusion of golds, diamonds, and precious stones. 

The Harmony Heart is a statement diamond pendant designed with three golden layers of yellow, white and rose and exquisitely set with brilliant diamonds.

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