Maison Mirath – Ramadan Jewelry Collection

Maison Mirath – Ramadan Jewelry Collection

The holy month of heightened devotion and spiritual reflection is here. The essence of Ramadan is in its spirituality and the traditions it carries from year to year, and generation after generation. Like a legacy, it becomes part of our identity.

The beautiful journey of faith, sacrifice, and enlightenment is what makes Ramadan special for any individual as this is the opportunity to have a soul or inner cleansing. In this fast-paced world, the month of Ramadan strikes a balance in a world of chaos.

to test yourself and know your identity; making a mark in the world.

In the spirit of keeping the traditions alive, the legacy, the identity, Maison Mirath brings to you the precious Ramadan Collection, a collection of timeless Jewelry pieces that reminds us of who we are.

We have created distinctive jewelry pieces that have an identity of their own, much like yours; forever uplifted, forever unique. The intricate details and the marvelous craftsmanship speak volumes about the modern legacy that each one of us has inculcated and vowed to share through love and traditions.

The Symbolic Inheritance – a golden Mirath

When we speak of Ramadan, there is the spirit of love, selflessness, and thoughtfulness in our hearts and some beautiful symbolic imagery that brings the shine to our eyes. One such image is one of the lanterns, which is among the most found symbols of Ramadan. It symbolizes hope, faith, and light, all of which are required in this journey of love and unity. In the same way, Maison Mirath’s Lantern pendant is a 3D reflection of an actual lantern finished in 18k yellow gold. The light and faith of the lantern will guide you inyour life.

The festivities and traditional celebrations begin with the sightings of the new crescent moon. Just like the light of the new moon fills one with hope and positive conviction, Maison Mirath’s Crescent pendant studded with precious diamonds and ruby and finished with 18k yellow gold brings you luck and positivity, and reflect your inner brilliance.

Your inner strength, resilience, and shine are the foundation of Maison Mirath jewelry. The Hexagon collection is a true reflection of those values as it is known to be a supreme symbol of balance and harmony. Maison Mirath has designed in the spirit of this holy month, a variation of the Hexagon collection inspired by Islamic art and patterns. You may find the Hexagone Pendant or Hexagone Earrings.

There is no better way to keep celebrating and cherishing these customs than with Maison Mirath’s Ramadan Collection. The way we see it, Ramadan is about traditions, identity, and legacy. Each of which should be lovingly garnered each day that eventually will become a “Mirath” for the woman to leave a mark on the world. This Ramadan, gift yourself these timeless symbols of light, hope, and love.

You may find the Mirath Ramadan Collection at our flagship store in Beirut, our online store, or visit Maison Mirath at Harvey Nichols Doha, in Doha Festival City.