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Jewelry services

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Custommade and Personalized Jewelry Pieces


Creating unique pieces of jewelry for particular individuals is at the core of the Maison’s value; to form a personal & distinguished bond with the jewel and the designers.
The Maison also prides itself in adapting its own designs to individual desires, and rejuvenating your old jewelry pieces into innovative pieces while preserving their core.

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Over time, gold and stones may get slightly scratched; we provide free polishing to your Maison Mirath jewelry, keeping in mind that in a jewel's lifetime it is advised not to polish them more than 2-3 times.

Jewelry Polishing

Wearing Your Jewelry

Keeping your jewelry away from perfume, chemicals, cosmetics, and hot water is essential. It is also best to avoid wearing your jewelry when performing certain activities that might expose them to harmful products or get knocked out.

Cleaning & Storing Your Jewelry

You may clean your jewelry with a soft dry cloth. As for storing, it is recommended to store your jewels in separate boxes or using a silk tissue, to avoid scratching one another.

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