How Luxury Jewelery Brands Can Adapt To Ecommerce

How Luxury Jewelery Brands Can Adapt To Ecommerce

In order to maximize their exposure and reach more customers, luxury jewellery brands have also started embracing the opportunities provided by online shopping platforms.

In fact, the recent boom in the online jewellery sector shows that even unlikely industries can leverage e-commerce and online sales.

According to one report, the online jewellery (including watches) industry has witnessed a sharp rise in their sales over the five years to 2019. The surge is driven by many factors, with revenue increasing at an annual rate of 4.9% to $8.0 billion, including a 2.9% rise in 2019. Another study concludes that the online sales of jewellery will account for 10% of the market by 2020 as more luxury brands start selling their products online.

However, not all brands are familiar with the ins and outs of the digital platform for their business. Therefore, they have to work over the strategies given below to increase their adaptability with online platforms.

  • Making Products More Accessible:

The one benefit of online retailing is that the products are accessible to the customers even on the fly. Providing a convenient option makes jewellery shopping accessible to even the most socially awkward shopper.

Incorporating appropriate business logic into an online solution works for marketing and sales, converting prospective leads into paying shoppers. Using CTAs or Call to Action phrases such as “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” and “Subscribe Now” prompts users to take the required action.

Many social media platforms such as Instagram have also launched shoppable posts, maximizing the access of a product to the customers.

  • Providing Product Description:

Another way the luxury jewellery brands can adapt to e-commerce is to work over their description.

It is common among many online brands to provide detailed info on their products, including measurements, alloys, weight and composition. Some even go extra miles by providing styling guide for wearing their products. Besides, the pieces of jewellery like rings or earrings look good on mobile screens as they are not bigger than the screen. They are equipped with extra support features and search options that are generally not present at a brick-and-mortar jeweller’s store.

Otherwise, it would be time-consuming and stressful to ask for such a piece of information through customer care.

  • Letting the Product View at 360-Degree:

Online shopping has evolved a lot with many features over the years. One of them is a 360-degree view that lets the customers assess the products from all angles. This way, it helps them make informed purchase decisions.

  • Improving Personal Assistance:

At any physical jewellery store, there is an assistant who guides you on the different pieces of jewellery. While there is a chatbot available on many e-commerce sites, many shoppers look for a real person on the screen. That’s why video chats and other options are being incorporated to enhance the shopping experience.

  • Allowing Customization:

The last few years have witnessed the rise of custom made jewellery, as more customers are looking for a personalized, individualized way to represent them through their jewellery choices. No wonder why many jewellers are turning to personalization services to attract more customers. The personalization means that customers can have their name or date engraved on their jewellery. Beyond that, they can design their own jewellery using specific software and then send to the online jeweller to get it manufactured.

Bottom Line:

Shifting to the e-commerce platform has become a great business necessity. Everyone has a smartphone or gadget to shop online at the comfort of their places. The rise of online shopping has also provided a great opportunity for the jewellers to sell their products to more and more customers.

The online jewellery market is shining and sparkling.

However, people get more particular when it comes to shopping for an expensive and aesthetical item like jewellery. Therefore, jewellers are required to seek innovative ways to increase their adaptability to e-commerce platforms. They also need to step up their game to get an edge over in this highly competitive market. This can be done by working over the presentation and details of the products as well as customer support. This will ensure improved online shopping experience and convenience as well.