Fall Collection: Classic Pieces of Jewelry

Fall Collection: Classic Pieces of Jewelry

The Fall/Winter 2019 runways were doused with fresh jewelry trends of every sort. This season, we are seeing more and more must-have jewelry pieces which are colorful, sparkly, and downright statement-making, which is only putting an end to the dainty, barely there pieces that ruled in seasons past. It is all about embracing that fearless, warrior spirit! Colorful gemstones, daring twists, and modern statement pieces all bring a sense of unexpected edge and empowerment.

Designers offer us completely new trends – simple classics and dreamy retro, bold and bright styles and gentle romantic motifs. While picking the right accessories, you can emphasize the elegance and perfection of your style. In the new season, it is not necessarily to look shy. Fall jewelry should be totally bright. They attract attention and put the right accents in the attire.

This season, you are going to want to embrace the “more is more” mentality when it comes to accessorizing. Sure, a few of the trends like long, delicate earrings and baroque-style pearls lend themselves to more minimal aesthetics. But for the most part, fall jewelry is very obvious. From statement earrings and overload of colors and even colorful gemstones, the trends are all about the extraordinary and extreme. 2019 is the year of being campy, as it relates to fashion, embrace it, and choose a few classic pieces of jewelry that will express yourself in your own way.

Colorful Gemstones
As we break from minimalism, bold colors become increasingly relevant. Vibrant sparklers spanning across all realms of the rainbow are on the fashion menu. Playful and perhaps a little eccentric, these bountiful bursts of color send a refreshing message: love your jewelry and have fun with it.

In a cut-throat scene of fashion, it is a welcomed change from the seriousness of statement-making. Color is a welcomed reminder that jewelry is supposed to be fun – even if a bit showy.

Maison Mirath’s Aura Collection is the perfect match. A mix of different colors and abstract beauty, for the woman who wants to capture sunshine and good energy from her stones.

Bracelet Layering
Stacking bracelets together speaks volumes. For the woman who loves expressing herself through jewelry, now is the season to over-accessorize.

The fashion shows showed the models dripping in bracelets, stacked to an arm’s length. Bracelet styles expanded across a range of styles, from chunky metals to tribal stones. You can get as elaborate as you wish when combining them in multiples.

Consider the Harmony Bangles in this case from the signature Collection of Maison Mirath. The stackable twists collection is ideal when you’re layering bracelets and it is perfect for the woman who thrives on change and leads an active lifestyle.

Green Overload

Fresh and vibrant, green jewelry stones are a breath of fresh air. Designers are having a blast integrating this blooming color palette into the latest pieces.

The models at the fashion shows were draped in hefty green jewelry, jewels and trinkets, creating a lush, earthy feel. But there’s a special reason that green has been chosen as the season’s haute hue.

There is something truly mystical about the color green. Symbolic of spells and magic, green jewels evoke a sense of power— like an armor of elegance. They can be worn alone as a fierce statement over black attire, or for something more whimsical and unexpected, a matching green-print ensemble.

Here are some stunning green jewelry from a few of Maison Mirath’s collections:

Anchor ring
Dangling Peridot Earrings
Petal Bangle
Revived Heart Pendant

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are an essential part of your jewelry collection. This is one trend will stay around for a long time. While statement earrings can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, metals, etc…it is still the bigger the better.

The fashion shows were dominated with earrings which were strikingly long, oversized and hung with mismatched adornments, impossible to slip by unnoticed.

These two pairs of Anchor Earrings from the Anchor Collection are incredibly show stopping. It is a statement piece for the woman who invests in “wearable fine art”.

Delicate Danglies

Extra-long earrings can be fun, but for most of us a pair of delicately dangly earrings might be more practical. Long (but not overly so) earrings made of shimmery strings or drops of metal are timelessly gorgeous, and are able to work with both daytime looks and evening wear.

These Dangling Pearl Earrings from the Sofia Collection of Maison Mirath can be considered as timeless jewelry and are the perfect fit for a night out. Made of gold with garnet studs and pearl extensions, they are as pretty as can be.