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Unique Pieces


Stardust Earrings

Royal Jewels. 

One of the first jewelry pieces created by founder and creative director Soha Hamdan. A one-of-a-kind reinvented piece inspired by an antique royal jewel sparkling with E-F color diamonds. 

Anchor Earrings

A statement piece for the woman who invests in “wearable fine art”. 

The Anchor Earrings are intricately crafted in 18k white gold. The exquisite stones that make up these statement earrings are 1.08-carat marquise Emeralds, Black Diamond and fiery Tsavorite stones. 

Coquillages Earrings

Statement Earrings

The Coquillages Earrings take the shape of a beautiful multi-colored sea shell. The beauty of these earrings lies in its two sides. The first one sparkles in all the rainbow colors with fancy colored sapphire stones, while the other is reveals an intricate design that reminds you of dentelle works.

Ball Gown Earrings

Earrings that reflect a woman’s silhouette in all her presence and character. 

Each of the Ball Gown earrings are set in an opposite way to create a beautiful asymmetry between the sparkling back and white diamonds. 

Wings of Love Earrings

Earrings that tell the love story of a traveler finding his soulmate. 

The Wings of Love design was initially inspired  by the natural & unusual ruby stones that drop from the diamond and ruby wings.

Pavo Earrings

Designed for the fearless.⁠

The Pavo Earrings are designed to show woman’s boldness, empowerment, and fearlessness.

This exquisite pair of earrings paint the colors of the peacock with cabochon round sapphires, marquise-shaped emeralds and brilliant diamonds.

Swan Earrings

Earrings that evoke elegance and grace.

The Swan Earrings reveal the detail and refinement of Maison Mirath jewelry pieces. They are crafted in yellow, white and rose gold and set with beautiful Japanese pearls and diamonds. 

Shadow Earrings

For the woman who sees her poise and allure in the reflection of her earrings in all elegance.

The Shadow earrings merge intricately white and yellow gold and a pave setting of diamonds. 

Maple Leaf Earrings

Diamond Earrings

The Maple Leaf Earrings by Maison Mirath were inspired by the Maison’s founder days in Canada back in the 90s. This pair of diamond studs tell her story with her family. 

Flower Pearl Earrings

A pearl at the heart of a flower. The Flower Pearl earrings combine boldness with femininity, designed with lustrous Japanese Pearls and brilliant diamonds.

Epis de Fleur Earrings

Diamond Earrings from Maison Mirath

The Epis de Fleur Earrings are inspired by flower spikes set in sparkling diamonds. A statement pair of earrings for the woman who likes to stand out in the crowd. 

Flying Diamond Earrings

Earrings that tell the story of the butterfly?s first fluttering into the magical journey of life

Lady Earrings

For the lady. 

This beautiful pair of earrings is inspired by a woman’s elegance, grace and style. The twisted gold tied with a knot express the ultimate femininity yet with character. 

The Lady Earrings include 17-carat oval cabochon sapphires, diamonds and lustrous Japanese pearls. 

Aurora Borealis Earrings

A pair of earrings that radiates the colors of the northern lights. 

The Aurora Borealis hoops are designed with princess-cut colored fancy sapphire in the center of two diamond bands. 

Pearl Sapphire Earrings

Statement earrings designed with brilliant fancy colored sapphire and diamond, putting in value the exquisite & lustrous Tahitian black pearl

Arizona Earrings

The Beacon Earrings capture a moment. A moment where everything stands still except for the sound of the waves and the birds flying over the Beirut Lighthouse. It is the dream of a peaceful moment.

These earrings are truly a wearable piece of art designed in 18kt white gold and set with exquisite Arizona Turquoise Stones crowned by sapphire and sparkling diamond birds.

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