the design process

Unparalleled uniqueness in design & finishing


the design process

The jewelry design process at Maison Mirath combines innovative creativity, meticulous craftmanship, and technical expertise. It follows a thorough process from sketching, to crafting, selecting stones and finally polishing to give birth to a piece of unparalleled uniqueness in design, finishing, & brilliance.

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the craftsmanship

Highly-skilled craftsmen create the Maison’s works of art, starting with 3-dimensional mockups before they are fashioned in 18K gold. Stones are then set ensuring every stone is brilliantly highlighted.

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The Stone Selection

the stone selection

Rare precious & gem stones in shape, color & quality are at the heart of Maison Mirath’s inspiration & creations, individually selected by the Maison’s certified gemologists.

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Polishing & delivery

Every piece is polished at least twice ensuring that both invisible parts & surfaces are lustrous.

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