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Unique Pieces


3D Bangle

For the woman who invests in “wearable fine art” the 3D bangle is an art-deco piece gold bracelet. It is unique and a one-of-a-kind piece from Maison Mirath.

Anchor Bangle

The Anchor Bangle is a statement golden bracelet for the woman who is fierce. 

This bangle goes beyond what appears and is actually a 3-piece of jewelry in one giving it all the more value. 

Aurora Borealis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet that radiates the colors of the northern lights. 

The Aurora Borealis tennis bracelet is designed with princess-cut colored fancy sapphire of 17.54 carat set in the middle of two diamond bands. 

Raindrop Bangle

The Raindrop Bangle is delicate in its design and is inspired by droplets of water on the leaves during the morning dew. 

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