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It has truly been difficult to grasp the destructive and heartbreaking blast that took place in the heart of our beautiful Beirut. And, to see our beloved city and all of us Lebanese still being unjustly treated by our government. Our broken hearts are with all those who have lost loved ones, their homes, and their life’s work.

There are no words, so we are trying to find them through art. We chose this illustration from a friend and Lebanese illustrator Sasha Haddad to depict a bit of what we are feeling.

We are extremely thankful of having survived the explosion and being okay, as well as our family, home and boutique, and yet the inevitable feeling of guilt survival comes along, so is the feeling of duty to keep our strength and create something positive.

Our hopes and efforts go into rebuilding our Beirut, taking back our city from the ruling class that got us here, and supporting one another for our rebirth.

With love,

Soha & Nadine

Family Affair

In light of the sad events that are happening in Beirut, Maison Mirath has decided to donate 10% of its sales of the Phoenix items to the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC). The Phoenix bird is known to rise straight from the ashes and be as bright as the hottest embers. It is with this symbol of strength and rebirth that we wish to support and remind everyone of these values as Beirut is known to always rise and rebuild itself from its resilient people.

To ensure transparency, the donations to the LRC will be made in the name of each client and so they will receive directly the receipt of donation from the LRC.

Phoenix Collection

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