Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

Just like the turquoise waters from the Caribbean, aquamarine is invigorating and calming to look at. Made up of the earth and named after the ocean, this stone celebrates duality. The cherry birthstone aquamarine admires the ambivalence of stone and sea in a polished or raw form.

Are you a March baby? Then you must be familiar with aquamarine. Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for the signs bestriding each side as well as the month of March. Even though modern birthstones are linked to the month people are born in but natal birthstones are directly aligned to your Zodiac sign. This means that Aries can rock aquamarine in addition to Pisces who feels right at home with this stone. Aqua and marine are perfect for this ocean lover.

Aquamarine is known to help release depression, anger, pain, and negativity while replacing these with joy, peace, beauty, even love. It is especially useful in releasing positive energy and activating the beauty of the heart energy.

Aquamarine varies in color and density. It is known to range from blue-green to deep blue with each stone having a different intensity. Its color is caused by beryl crystal specked by traces of iron. This natural stone is the most prized because they are expensive and rare. Nonetheless, yellow beryl stones can be changed into blue aquamarine with controlled heating.

Also known as “poor man’s diamond”, it is a type of mineral beryl that further includes gemstones like heliodor, morganite, and emerald. This comparatively hard gem is completely unaffected by weathering and shock.

Myths and Origin: Fun Facts about Aquamarine

Romans believed that aquamarine originated from the jewel caskets of sirens that were washed aground from the deepness of the sea. Aquamarine is still considered sacred to Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. The relationship of this stone with the sea helped it become the gem of sailors and promised them safe, and prosperous voyages. It was also believed to keep the monsters of the sea and other perils away. The first documented use of aquamarine was by Greeks in 480-300 B.C. They used to wear amulets studded with aquamarine and engraved with Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, on a chariot.

Right from the Roman period, this stone has been believed to possess healing and medicinal powers which can cure ailments of the throat, jaws, liver, and stomach. It was also believed to act as an antidote against poison. Aquamarine was thought to provide soothsayers with power and was called a “magic mirror.” They used aquamarine to tell fortunes and answer questions about the future. It is even said that Emperor Nero used aquamarine as an eyeglass. Years later, Germans started to use aquamarine to correct shortsightedness. Very few people know that eyeglasses are called “brille” in German after the mineral beryl.

How to choose an Aquamarine: Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color

When you choose a gemstone, you need to remember that color is one of the primary factors of a gemstone’s grade. Aquamarine ranges in color from teal to pale blue. Its most prized Chroma is a genuine sea-blue, light. The more precise the color of the stone is to a Mediterranean paradise or tropical, the more precious it will be. The grade of the stone drops if it is too dark or too light.

Clarity: The most prized aquamarines are typically eye-clean and have very few flaws or inclusions.

Carat: Unlike other gemstones such as diamonds, aquamarines don’t increase dramatically in price with larger carat sizes. A bigger stone will get you a price that is similar to a smaller stone but with a better grade. This is primarily why they make attractive centerpieces for custom engagement rings.

Cut: Even though they can be found in a lot of different cuts, aquamarines are particularly striking in barion and emerald cuts. They enhance the play of the light and the depth of the color.

The legend of Douma Ring

To help you unleash the power of the duality of the sea and the earth, MaisonMirath presents the Legend of Douma Ring. This 22 carat aquamarine and diamond ring has been inspired by the Lebanese village of Douma. It is a unique masterpiece handcrafted in 18K white gold to be invigorated by the patrimonial windows of the inciting Lebanese village, Douma. It has a brilliant oval cut and there is only one piece available to help you add an individual and priceless aquamarine ring to your collection. The Legend of Douma Ring embodies the spirit of strong-spirited women all over the world, a beautiful reminder of their dreams to empower through their community, work, and families.

“A water stone, aquamarine is connected to Pisces and Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer. It is also connected to the signs of Gemini and Libra” Tess Whitehurst,Holistic Energy Magic.