Jewelry in Qatar | Fine 18kt Gold and Diamond by Maison Mirath

about Maison Mirath

A mother-daughter shared passion, resilience and story. “Our unique designs and creative fine jewelry pieces are made for the active woman, whose journey is filled with challenges, successes, and achievements. Her resilience is our source of inspiration, creativity and originality. The Mirath Woman deserves to induldge herself, and with her we are creating a modern legacy. After all, legacy is like identity, a generous act of loving, sharing, and belonging”. – Soha Hamdan, Maison Mirath Founder

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Maison Mirath



#MirathWoman The Mirath woman sees her jewelry as an extension of herself

Family Affair

A legacy within a legacy

Soha Abou Alwan and her daughter, Nadine Hamdan, provide a personalized experience at Maison Mirath and increasingly extensive expertise in Gemology and Jewelry design while collaborating with talented craftsmen worldwide.

A complementary contrast in their design approaches presents a unique appeal in crafted jewelry pieces that merge classical with contemporary, and originality with style; the timeless fine jewelry of today & tomorrow.

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