When it comes to rings, most people directly think about diamond rings and engagement rings. Especially when it comes to gifting something special. However, you will be amazed to see some of the most lustrous pieces from Maison Mirath that are designed with gold only or other precious stones that are ageless and timeless and can stay within the family from one generation to another. And those who gift it, well, they become an integral part of your memory and the emotional value that ring holds.

From statement rings to everyday wear jewelry, you can find the ring that complements your personality or your loved ones most.

Starting with everyday jewelry pieces, explore all the gift options from Maison Mirath.

The Hexagone Ring is a refined everyday ring for the woman who leads an active lifestyle and likes to play around with her jewels. Available with a 0.04-carat ruby stone, the Hexagone Ring will make a perfect jewelry gift for her.

Hexagone Ring (Diamond)

A simple yet elegant gold ring. A design that abstracts a flower yet with hexagon-shaped petals that glitters with 18k yellow gold.

Harmony Flower Ring

Nature is a big inspiration for jewelry designers at Maison Mirath. reimagining the shape and colors of a leaf, Maison Mirath has created this unique and exquisite Ruby Leaf Ring contrasting 18kt matt gold texture with ruby stones.

Ruby Leaf Ring

Ruby in the ring is desirable by all. With ruby as a constant, people look out for different designs and patterns. This ring is created with 18kt yellow gold, round-cut ruby stones, and a gorgeous cabochon ruby stone at the end of the petal spiral.

This gold ring brings to life the real curves of a shrimp leaf. Intricately crafted showing the details of a leaf, the Shrimp Leaf Ring is designed with 18kt yellow gold with a matt texture giving it yet another edge and uniqueness of style.

As you can tell, leaves are a great source of inspiration to Maison Mirath jewelry designers. Delicate and exquisitely feminine, the Leaf Drop ring lovingly carries the weight of a water drop abstracted by a beautiful white oval pearl.

Leaf Drop Ring

From the Maison Mirath Anchor Collection, this ring expresses the character of a woman. Designed with curves ending with sharp edges in 18kt yellow gold with a matt texture. An ageless, timeless and stylish ring for the woman who stands out.

Anchor Ring

The Anchor pinky ring is a symbol of true creativity and craftsmanship. Designed with 18kt yellow gold in matt texture and a specially cut onyx gemstone.

Moving to the signature design of Maison Mirath, the Harmony collection includes infinite possibility of stackable rings with layers of gold, diamonds, and precious stones. Let’s explore a few:

Anchor Chevaliere

From one to three layers, you can mix and match the Harmony Rings. This combination is made with 18kt yellow, while and rose gold stackable rings interlacing perfectly into one another. You can choose to wear them any way you like every day.

Harmony Ring

Also from the stackable ring collection, discover this exquisite and unique Harmony Ring combining yellow, rose, and black gold. Yes, you read right, black gold! The Harmony Collection is truly a statement of creativity and uniqueness – every person gets to choose their own combination of rings.

Harmony Ring with Black Gold

If you like ruby, you can go for this combination of the Harmony Rings. This combination of Harmony Rings is created with 18kt rose gold, ruby, and white gold. Each ring a singular layer of hexagonal gold units in a zig-zag pattern that go into one another seamlessly, giving you endless stacking possibilities. Choose your own combination.

Last but not least of our selection today, is a statement ring, a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Harmony Ring with Ruby

One of the most artistic pieces you will ever find. This statement ring is designed with an unusual and beautiful contrast of colors with the combination of blue sapphire and fancy orange sapphire. The ring design crowns the gorgeous marquise-shaped fancy orange sapphire stone with a crust of blue sapphire. A rare piece of jewelry.

Anchor Ring (Sapphire)

The above ring selection is a testimony of great creativity, unique design, and refined craftsmanship by Maison Mirath. Discover the Maison’s ring collections of gold and precious stones and choose the gift that suits your loved one or partner the most.